Beth-El Congregation


Mazel Tov!

You or someone in your family has found love, and wants to formalize that through a ceremony and pledge of lifelong commitment. Our rabbi will be happy to counsel with you to see if you have pondered the ramifications of this momentous step. Particularly if one of the parties is not Jewish, but even if both are Jewish, Rabbi Zimmerman will want to help the couple see if they are a good match, and if the match will contribute to building the future of the Jewish people. To know more about his requirements for marriages of all sorts (including same-sex unions), please call for an appointment. You will also be refered to our Administrator for discussion of the availability of our beautiful sanctuaries and party facilities. (Judaism, of course, does not require that weddings be done in the synagogue, though Beth-El encourages you to make us your spiritual home in this way, as well).

Along with the traditional prayers and rituals of the Jewish wedding (chupah, 7 wedding blessings, breaking a glass, etc.), The rabbi is open to personalizing the ceremony in appropriate ways such as the couple writing its own vows, or selecting special music, etc. We are also open to the tradition of the aufruf—a couple receiving a special blessing during Shabbat services as the wedding date approaches, or participating in a Shabbat service by doing an aliyah (Torah blessing). These and other possibilities can be discussed when you meet with the rabbi.

Charges and fees vary with which portions of our facilities you will use, how much janitorial staff and security will be required, etc. This should all be discussed with Suzie Koonsman, our Administrator.