Beth-El Congregation

Religious School Committee

Religious School Committee


“There are two ways of spreading the light - to be the candle or the mirror that reflect it.”

We honor all teachers, volunteers, committee members, parents and all who helps us keep Jewish education alive and meaningful. If we want our children to perpetuate Judaism then we must personally take steps necessary to show our kids how. You the parents, the educators, the teachers, board members, volunteers and the Rabbi must all work together to make our school and our community a home, a Jewish home. We thank God for miracles. The Religious School teachers and students would like to give thanks to many people who volunteer their time, their effort and money for the sake of our students and the understanding that Jewish survival depends upon our ability to transmit our culture, our heritage, our vision of Tikkun Olam and our love - L’dor V’dor. We have an outstanding school with talented and caring teachers who strive to do their best and when things do not work , try new things to improve the classroom experience for our students and we have parents, community members and volunteers  who have devoted themselves to Jewish  education and to our students. We are very fortunate.


Beth-El Religious school Education Committee makes tough educational decisions, creates polices and evaluated curriculum, teachers and special programs. The Education Committee works hard together to make sure our Religious School will be effective, organized , meaningful and fun for students and parents.  Being in the committee requires a very high level of commitment and involvement and for that and more we would like to thank them. Beth-El Religious School Education Committee members 2012-2013(Please accept my apology if I forgot someone) committee chair: Karen Telschow Johnson.

Religious School Committee (RSC) Mission Statement and Roles


Religious School Committee Members:


Stephen Schwartz (Co-Chair)


Jackie Bzostek (Co-Chair)

Vivien Benjamin
Elizabeth Beck
Jeff Caplan
Kimberly Florsheim
Fran Kreindler
Neta Mandel (teacher rep)
Kate Marshall (WRJ rep)
Lauren Moses
Eve Schulman
Ethan Klos
Laurie Kelfer (Cong. pres.)
Jordyn Schwartz             (student a. rep)
Rabbi Zimmerman
Rabbi Ottenstein
Information on Meetings:

RSC meetings will be held on the second Sunday of each month after Religious School.  If you have any information that you would like to share with the RSC, please contact Noreen Houston, Chair of the RSC.