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What is Men of Reform Judaism?

The Beth-El Men's Club is a social organization of men who join together in friendship for programs to benefit the Temple and the community - for social activities, for tzedakah, for study, and for the growth of the individual.

What Does the Men's Club Do?

We are a part of the foundation of what makes Beth-El Congregation so much more then just a group of Jewish people coming together. We offer friendship, varied activities, and a source of support to the Temple.

  • Provide scholarships for high school seniors.
  • Sponsor the Mickey Goldman award dinner for a Temple member who has made a significant different to the Temple family.
  • Latkes, Latkes, Latkes. Hundreds of them cooked for Chanukah.
  • Poker for the pro and the novice.
  • Provide dinner for the annual FWFTY talent show.
  • Meal organizers for religious school events such as the annual picnic, the welcome back breakfast, and other occasions during the year.
  • Annual golf tournament. Fun and fundraising at the same time.
  • Dog shows, Trivia games, and other fun events.
  • Keynote speakers on subjects of interest to men and to the entire Congregation.
  • Build the Temple Sukkah.
  • Provide Greene Camp scholarships
  • Habitat for Humanity

So when you ask yourself, so what does the Men’s Club do & why should I join or support it? Look around you, sense the feeling of belonging, sense the feeling of togetherness, sense the feeling of family and brotherhood. Understand those things and you will know who we are and what we do!

Get Involved

Come join us and share the fun and camaraderie of our events. We are always looking for fresh ideas for religious, social, and service oriented events and projects. Annual dues are $45 which includes membership in the National Men of Reform Judaism. We want to include all Temple members who may wish to join. If you are a new Temple member and we have not contacted you, let us know!

For more information regarding the Men of Reform Judaism or our events, please send an email to the MRJ President: Howard Bellet.

MRJ Collegiate Scholarship

The MRJ feels that it is worthwhile to reward the children of Beth-El Congregation who have invested themselves in the Congregation, its organizations, and the associated activities. The MRJ further believes extending that investment into the Jewish community is an important quality, too. By encouraging these behaviors, the MRJ hopes to reinforce our desire to create future leaders within our Reform Movement. Therefore, the MRJ is offering one (1) scholarship to the children of Beth-El Congregation who will be incoming freshmen to a 2-year or 4-year college starting in the fall semester. The recipient will receive a one-time disbursement upon scholarship award to apply to their college expenses. The scholarship will be presented during this year's Mickey Goldman Spaghetti Supper, which Sunday, March 25. Click here for the scholarship application.

The application process is open to all graduating high school seniors:

  • Whose family is a member in good standing of Beth-El Congregation
  • Who will enter college in the fall semester of the calendar year in which the scholarship is awarded.


Become an MRJ member.  Click here.


Photos form the recent MRJ Matzo Ball Clasic Golf Tournament:

Photos from the recent Mickey Goldman Spaghetti Supper: