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Beth-El's Senior Youth Group for 9th-12th Graders

FWFTY (pronounced “foo-wif-tee”) is the Fort Worth Federation of Temple Youth. FWFTY provides Beth-El's Jewish teens an opportunity to be part of one of the most rewarding Jewish groups in the country. That group is NFTY (pronounced “nifty” – The North American Federation of Temple Youth. FWFTY is Beth-El’s NFTY temple youth group (TYG).

What is NFTY?

For over sixty years, NFTY has offered thousands of young people the opportunity to explore and live Reform Judaism. Today, over 450 Reform congregations throughout North America sponsor Temple Youth Groups (TYG), bringing the NFTY experience to more than 10,000 high school-age young people. Through involvement opportunities offered by congregations, NFTY’s 20 regions, and on the North American level, NFTYites strive to forge an identity in consonance with the goals and values of Reform Judaism.

NFTY’s Goals

  • Instill Jewish Identity
  • Increase Synagogue Participation among High School Youth
  • Foster Long-term Commitment to the Ideals and Values of Reform Judaism
  • Create Today the Reform Jewish Congregants of Tomorrow

NFTY’s Values

  • Jewish Literacy
  • Spiritual Exploration
  • Social Action
  • Leadership Development
  • Jewish Community
  • Personal Growth

Further detail is available on the NFTY website.

What are NFTY-TOR and FWFTY? is the Texas/Oklahoma Region – one of the 19 regions of NFTY. FWFTY is the Fort Worth Federation of Temple Youth, Beth-El’s TYG that is within NFTY-TOR. Each school year, there are five regional events that take place at either Greene Family Camp (GFC, or in a host city. At each event, approximately 200-300 young people experience NFTY. Every other year, a North American event, NFTY Convention, is held somewhere in North America with approximately 1500 teenagers. FWFTY provides its members with local events held in the Fort Worth area. There are usually two events per month throughout the school year. Local events include activities such as leading a Shabbat service, collecting donations for the under privileged, fund raising, lock-ins, swimming parties, and more.

FWFTY’s board of directors is made up of members of the youth group, elected by their peers, to run the day to day operations of the group. The board plans all activities and writes all of the programs. At all times, FWFTY is advised and chaperoned by adult membership from Beth-El Congregation.

FWFTY members are primarily the children of Beth-El families; however, FWFTY also allows Jewish teens from unaffiliated families to join the group.

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Advisor: Lance Friedensohn