Beth-El Congregation




Taylor St. Temple

Broadway Ave. Temple

Briarhaven Rd. Temple
2000 - Present


Special Request: DON’T THROW AWAY  torn photos, yellow newspaper clippings, and faded correspondence you discover when a relative passes away. Bring these to the Temple archives. They will be placed in protective folders and remain safe forever. Such memorabilia helps tell the history of our Jewish community.

What’s in Our Archives? Old photos, Congregation minutes from 1915 to the present, business receipts from the 1930s, postcards from WWII soldiers, eulogies, scrapbooks, oral histories, blueprints, and stained-glass windowpanes.

Want to Volunteer? Help us organize vintage pictures, century-old documents, and youth-group flyers dating back 50 years. We create exhibits for the Temple’s Hall of Remembrance.

Why have an Archive? The Beth-El Archives documents the history of the local Jewish community dating back to the late-1850s when two Jewish pioneers settled in Fort Worth. Both fought in the Civil War—one for the South, the other for the North. Both are buried in Emanuel Hebrew Rest, the pioneer cemetery for which we have a box full of records.

Who uses the Archives? Journalists, authors, college students, museum curators, and congregants. New York’s Museum of Jewish Heritage borrowed 4 items from our collection for an exhibit touring the country. Also, dozens of photos from the archives are posted online at the Portals to Texas History website.

Location: A small room at the back of the library.

Meeting Times: Most Wednesday afternoons at 1:30 pm.

Purpose: The Archives preserves memorabilia from the past and present pertaining to Beth-El, its members, its activities, and the involvement of Jews in the local community. The Archives Committee is proud to have produced Beth-El’s acclaimed centennial history book.